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SH01   18 Qt Stone Massage Heater-120 volts includes Thermometer
SH02   6 Qt Massage Stone Heater-120 volts includes Thermometer
AW01   Attunement Wand
BF03   Bamboo Fusion Chair Version DVD
BF02   Bamboo Fusion Facial Kit with Facial DVD
BF01   Bamboo Fusion Stick Kit with Table Version DVD
BH04   Bamboo-Fusion 2 Day Certification Course, Toronto TBA
BS09   Basalt A La Carte Stone Sets of 8
BCSS01   Basalt Chakra Stone Set - 7 Basalt Stones
BS06   Basalt Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Stones - 1 Pair
BS07   Basalt Neck Contour Stone
BS08   Basalt Sacral/Stomach Stone
CIC01   Chakra Information Chart
JSK06   Chakra Jade Stone Set - 16 Stones + Jade DVD
CSK01   Chakra Stone Kit - Flat Gemstones
CSK02   Chakra Stone Kit - Tumbled Gemstones
MR08   Complete Set of 7 Rollers
CS07   CoreStones Instructional DVD
CM01   Crown Chakra Mister or Roll-Ons
JSK02   Deluxe Signature Jade Stone Set - 24 Stones + Jade DVD
MR04   Double Smooth and Knobby Jade Roller
MR05   Double Smooth Jade Roller
FP05   Energy Point with Ball Pendulum
JSK05   Esthetics Jade Starter Stone Set -18 Stones + Jade DVD
PP02   Faceted Pendulum
FP02   Faceted Pendulum with 7 Chakra Beads
FCGS01   Flat Chakra Gemstone Set
BS10   Gua Sha Massage Stone
CM04   Heart Chakra Mister or Roll-Ons
FP03   Hexagonal Pendulum
Course1b   Home Study Full Body Registration - $279.00
DVD01   Hot Stone Basalt Full Body DVD
DVDB01   Hot Stone Esthetics Book
DVDB03   Hot Stone Esthetics Certification Course
DVD02   Hot Stone Esthetics DVD
A07   Hot Stone Foot Bandage
DVDB02   Hot Stone Full Body Certification Courses
DVD03   Hot Stone Jade DVD
A05   Hot Stone Therapy Poster - Black and White
A04   Hot Stone Therapy Poster - Red
A03   Hot Stone/Oil Stone Holster
Course1a   In-Class Full Body Course Registration - $299.00
SH03   Instant Read Thermometer
JS07   Jade Balls - Set of 2
JS11   Jade Convex Working Stone - Select from 2 Sizes
JS02   Jade Crescent Moon Stone
JS05   Jade Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Stone
JS14   Jade Finger/Toe/Facial Stones - Set of 4
JS08   Jade Flat Placement Stones - Select from 2 Sizes
JS03   Jade Knobby Wand Stone
JS06   Jade Neck/Pillow Stone
JS12   Jade Oval Stones - Select from 2 Sizes
JS15   Large Jade Cylinder Stone
MR03   Large Knobby Jade Massage Roller
MS07   Marble Crescent Moon Stone
MS04   Marble Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Stone
MS05   Marble Neck/Pillow Stone
MS02   Marble Round Working Stone - Medium
MS08   Marble Round Working Stone - Small
MS01   Marble Sacral/Stomach Stone
MS06   Marble Scapula Stone
MS03   Marble Stone Set - 15 Stones
MR02   Medium Jade Massage Roller
MR07   Medium Red Agate Roller
FP06   Merkeba Pendulum
JS10   Mini Jade Cylinder Stone
A06   Pack of 3 Essential Oils
Course2   Registration Form for Home Study Esthetics Course
CM07   Root Mister or Roll-Ons
FP04   Round Ball Pendulum
CM06   Sacral Chakra Mister or Roll-Ons
MR01   Small Jade Massage Roller
MR06   Small Red Agate Roller
PP01   Smooth Pendulum
FP01   Smooth Pendulum with 7 Chakra Beads
CS-06   Soap Stone - Individual 31/2" Stone
CS-05   Soap Stone - Individual 5" Stone - Select from Angled of Rounded Tip
CS-04   Soap Stone - Individual 7" Stone
CS-03   Soap Stones - Reflexology Set of 2 Stones
CS01   Soap Stones - Set of 5 Stones
CS02   Soap Stones - Set of 7 Stones
CM05   Solar Plexus Mister or Roll-Ons
JSK03   Starter Jade Stone Set - 16 Stones
A08   Stone Care Combo Kit - Stone Wash and Purifying Stone Spray
A01   Sweet Orange & Lemon Grass Stone Wash - Select from 2 sizes
A02   Tea Tree & Sacred Sage Purifying Stone Spray
BS02   The Complete Massage Set - 50 Basalt Stones
BS01   The Deluxe Complete Massage Set 60 Basalt Stones
BSK01   The Deluxe Complete Massage Stone Kit - 60 Stones with Full Body DVD, 18 QT Stone Heater and Accessories
BSK03   The Deluxe Manicure, Pedicure & Facial Stone Kit - 40 Stones with Esthetics DVD, 6 QT Heater and Accessories
BSK02   The Deluxe Mini-Massage Stone Kit - 30 Stones with Full Body DVD, 6QT Heater and Accessories
BS05   The Facial Set - 16 Basalt Stones
BS04   The Manicure/Pedicure and Facial Set - 30 Basalt Stones
BS03   The Mini Massage Set - 20 Basalt Stones
BSK04   The Ultimate Deluxe Complete Massage Stone Kit - 60 Stones with18 QT Stone Heater and Deluxe Accessories
HP01   Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad, King Size 14"x 26"
HP02   Thermotech Automatic Digital Moist Heating Pad, Mini Size 7"x19"
CM02   Third Eye Chakra Mister or Roll-Ons
CM03   Throat Chakra Mister or Roll-Ons
TCGS01   Tumbled Chakra Gemstone Set
JSK04   Ultra Deluxe Esthetics Jade Stone Set - 28 Stones + Jade DVD
JSK01   Ultra Deluxe Jade Stone Set - 28 Stones + Jade DVD
BS11   White Basalt Cold Therapy Eye Stone Set - 2 Stones
BS12   White Basalt Cold Therapy Stone Set 6 Stones

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